Recently I visited India and was so captivated by the sensorial images of the people and their culture that I picked up a pen and couldn’t stop writing. I didn’t go to India with the intention of writing a book but my appetite was whetted long before I went. Despite having waited many years to get there, my passion was not dampened.

Over the years I sought out many books on India and while I found them all fascinating, some were rather disparaging. I wanted to give an appealing, evocative account written in a light-hearted style to appeal to those wanting entertainment yet informative insight.

Chasing Marigolds” is written as an interactive journal with meditations and recipes that the readers can use and feel as if they too are experiencing the sensuality and vibrancy of India. Many examples of ancient yogic observances I write about in the book are as relevant today as they were when written thousands of years ago. I feel that many of the topics I touched on are important and should be expanded on and discussed with others hence the blog. I also have many wonderful photos that I wasn’t able to print in the book but I would like to share.

While my book contains historical and geographical significance, it may also convince those with health issues that it is possible to overcome the difficulties of travel. I hope that you too get to experience this incredible enigmatic country and that my blog may inspire and enlighten you in your quest.


  1. Kirsty on December 31, 2019 at 7:20 am

    Hi Moira,
    What an exciting summary of your book! Please do let me know where I can get a copy once it is released 😊

    • Moira on December 31, 2019 at 7:42 am

      Hi Kirsty

      It is just about to be released on Amazon. Should be there tomorrow .


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