The Hero’s Journey which is based on mythology is a structured layout that is often favoured by writers. It starts with a call to adventure, where the Hero first refuses the challenge deciding it is too difficult.

When he decides he will accept the call, there is often a mentor who helps him on his journey. As he crosses the threshold into the unknown he has to face all sorts of tests and enemies.

At one point he approaches an inner cave which may represent a real danger or an inner conflict he has to face. It provides a brief respite for him to work out how he is going to face the great unknown. His ordeal may require him to confront a deadly foe or his greatest inner fear. Once he has conquered and slain the enemy (or dragon), he emerges as a transformed person. This often results in a reward or elevated status. The road back home is a further challenge as he ponders what is awaiting him. He must choose between his own personal objective or a higher cause that affects others.

The climax often includes a final battle where the Hero has to confront death. If he succeeds, having destroyed his enemy, he returns home with the magical elixir, transformed, reborn and looking forward to a new life. His return brings a new perspective for everyone to consider and not everyone is pleased with his transformation. Although the Hero has returned to where he started his journey, his life will never be the same again.

Have you wondered what significance this mythical structure has on our lives today? Watch this space and I will explore the similarities.

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