Chasing Marigolds

Moira is a breath of fresh air to the world of travel ‘novels’ as she has the ability to take you with her (and it is a lot cheaper than actually going!) Chasing Marigolds will have you engaged from the first page. There are many laughs but the best thing about this read is you actually can smell, feel, touch and hear India. Moira is well travelled and when she travels she is not just ticking off some bucket list, she connects with the people, environment, food and emotions surrounding her. Have a read, you will not be disappointed.

Maxine Boyd

An easy read and while I could learn about the histories of India intertwined with some yogic wisdoms, the resounding lesson I embraced from one line in this book was that “it’s not enough to simply exist”.

If, like Moira describes each of her days in India with three words, I too can invoke this strategy for this book: poignant, eloquent and provoking. I look forward to embracing life and experiences with open arms like Moira and Mel, letting go and trying some of that masala chai and a cheeky bhang lassi.

Kendle Carr

This is an enjoyable and easy to read book, written by someone with a strong affinity for India and its people. As I read the pages,I felt I was being taken along on the same journey, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells described in the book.
This is more than just another travel book. India obviously filled a spiritual need in the author and this is beautifully communicated throughout the “story”

Pauline Zani

An honest, inspirational and perceptive memoir!
Moira shares events that tested her faith and her life-affirming trip to India. Her words will resonate with readers who have already been to India and inspire the ones who never thought of visiting India. The opening of the story is very powerful and inviting. Moira makes an immediate connection and you want to know more.
Moira doesn’t just travel through sites and shares candid thoughts in a witty manner, but she gives a full insight into India’s history, culture, politics, economy, architecture and Yoga philosophy.
The novel leaves a strong message, the remainder to “embrace life with all its uncertainties, and cherish joyful times both small and momentous”.

Emilija Naumovska

Finished your book this morning & might I say it was not a surprise but felt like we were having a quiet catchup where you simply & beautifully relayed your journey 🌞👏🏽👏🏽

Rich, vibrant, sensual.

Reflective, insightful informative.

Humorous, historical, philosophical …

I found your narration triggered all sorts of reflective moments for me in spite of never having been to India.

Also caused me on one evening during the week to order in Indian dinner!!! Which just hit the spot💃

Trev is looking forward to reading it as well now 😎

Thinking of you today as you launch this beautiful piece of work.

Bernadette Towner

Tim gave me your book as part of my birthday present. As I read in bed of a night, the memories came flooding back, the smells I could almost smell, the sights, the colours and the taste of the wonderful food. Along with great company of fellow tourists, a lovely man as our tour guide a daring driver and our little blue bus, such fun.

Just to let you know. Tonight I  made your recipe kadai paneer, we loved it.

We hope your book launch went well, and thank you for writing it, we are the envy of a few of our friends, as I have been told, they haven’t been mentioned in any books

Elaine Freer