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How Well Do You Know India?

India often attracts generalisations and stereotyping, but more often it defies them. After all, it is an enormous country with diversity in language, styles of cooking and dress. Did you know that India was one of the richest countries till the time of British rule in the early 17th Century.

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Never Too Old For Adventure

For the first time in months I ventured out to the cinema to see the film Romantic Road. Married for 35 years, a British couple take an alternative route to winding down their lives to retirement. They pack everything on top of their 1930s Rolls Royce and journey across India to attend the Chobi Mela photography festival in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The question on everyone’s lips is why?

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How Creative Are You?

Although you may not think of yourself as being creative, we all show artistic flair in different ways. Take two minutes to think of as many uses as you can for a common paper clip. How many did you find?

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Where Did You Celebrate Your Last Birthday?

While photographs can capture precious moments in time and evoke all our senses, they fail to record the emotions we feel as we look at awe-inspiring mountains, gushing waterfalls or iconic ancient monuments? there are moments when we need to put our cameras away and simply absorb the feelings of awe, wonder and joy. There are moments when we need to put our cameras away and simply absorb the feelings of awe, wonder and joy.

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Ready to Hit the Road? Memories of the Kimberley

When seasoned caravanners refer to the Gibb River Rd,, they do so reverently as one would treat a Rite of Passage. It seems that nobody treats you with respect until you have “done the Gibb River”. I wondered how one road could have so much to rave about. Having discovered the Gibb River Road for myself I can now understand why. There are incredible things to see and do all along the way.

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Ready to Return to the “Normal” World?

As some of us prepare to recommence our “normal” lives, we do so tentatively. For none of us knows what lies ahead. But we have been given time to examine the world, rethink our values and decide what is really important. What an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and build a better world based on different values!

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Accepting what we Cannot Change

You may question why would I want to accept a situation instead of fighting against it or trying to find a solution? Acceptance is not simply passive resignation. It is acknowledging that things are as they are without making judgement.

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What is the Magic of Three?

Have you ever wondered about the significance of the number three? I will give you three minutes to think about it and you can describe your answer for me in three words.

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Who Stole the Buddha?

The reality is that someone did steal my Buddha in the form of a small but solid concrete garden ornament. As I do not usually spend much time on the front porch, it took me a while to realise it was missing. Ironically during the Corona lockdown, I have been spending more time in the front garden putting in seedlings and giving my garden more care than is usual. While teddy bears gazed out of my front windows, I was busily decorating the tree on my verge with rainbows and hearts to spread the love and share it with the many neighbours walking, jogging or cycling past our house.

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