Chasing Marigolds

Visiting India was a lifelong dream but with major health issues, it seemed impossible to achieve. A chance finding of a book in a remote location in Australia’s far north led to a life-changing journey. Embracing the philosophy of yoga and Hindu teachings Moira Yeldon found the courage to live but not before first confronting death.

Despite having studied the ancient Hindu texts it wasn’t until she experienced the culture, observing the people and the vicissitudes of their lives that she started to understand the relevance of their wisdom and history. For these observances are just as relevant today as they were when written thousands of years ago. Witnessing the current practice of these traditions deepened her spiritual journey in a way she never imagined.

While many go to India seeking a guru, enlightenment is not always what we imagine. This honest memoir marks the debut of a writer who discovers that humor exists in even the toughest moments in life and that unimaginable joys can happen without us knowing. It is a reminder to embrace life with all its uncertainties, to cherish the joyful times and the wonderful people who make them possible.

Written in a candid conversational style interwoven with the perpetual rhythm of Indian life, Chasing Marigolds is an amusing account of a journey through India dedicated to anyone who loves life and believes it is never too late to find life’s tiny blessings, no matter where they find themselves. Share in this inspirational journey of healing yoga, fun and food blended with the sensuality and vibrancy of India.

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